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Commercial electrical work for any business is a necessity that requires even more expertise than your average home repair or project. In addition, ensuring the integrity of all electrical systems for your business not only guarantees the safety of you and your employees, but positively contributes to its energy efficiency and overall profitability.

Commercial Electrical Upgrades – Diagnosis and Repair in West Los Angeles

Rely on the licensed expertise of Tel Power experts for skilled and reliable electrical work ranging from electrical upgrades and repairs and installations for any industry, from retail centers and restaurants to offices and industrial establishments.

Tel Power electrical experts also specialize in low voltage lighting and provide the latest information, tools and technology to ensure cost and energy efficiency, prevent fire and security hazards and enhance the aesthetic appeal of any enterprise with specialty lighting features for the exterior and interior of your West Los Angeles enterprise.

Ensure Your Business is in Compliance with Electrical Regulations

Protect your business with a Tel Power inspection that provides documented proof of your compliance with West Los Angeles electrical code and safety standards. Receive a detailed and written estimate for any electrical project along with expert advice on the best rates for:

  • Electrical panel upgrades
  • Circuit Installation and upgrades
  • Dedicated Computer Circuitry
  • Energy efficient commercial indoor and outdoor lighting options
  • Transformers

Making a West Los Angeles Business Bright

  • Improve productivity and brighten up your workplace by upgrading your lighting features
  • Save money with renewable energy upgrades to your business power grid
  • Improve safety at your West Los Angeles enterprise with a Tel Power electrical safety check-up
  • Maximize the security of your business with well-designed security lighting system - a powerful crime deterrent

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